Board Mission Statement:
A group of like-minded souls committed to making a difference.©

Velva Lee Heraty, President

Velva Lee Heraty has integrated her life experiences into the concept and development of Ta-Da! International. Velva has been an events producer, fund-raiser, sales trainer, and newspaper owner. These talents combined with her current profession as a depth psychotherapist, addictions counselor, dream analyst, speaker, trainer and consultant brewed the magical formula that served up Ta-Da! and The Red Shoe Events.

"Ta-Da! and its virtual nature was the only way I could manage a living, timeless memorial to Moira Ann. Something that would help people with exceptional challenges get the support, encouragement and inspiration they need and deserve. In addition I wanted to give energy and meaning, however small in the scheme of things, to Moira's suffering and death. She was a very alive and giving person in life."

Eileen Berke, Ta-Da! Ambassador Coordinator

Eileen Berke is President and CEO of Worldwide Express, a global package delivery service. Eileen states, "I am excited to be part of Ta-Da! International. I bring with me an extensive network of people, resources and experience that I hope to put to good use serving Ta-Da!'s mission. With a background in teaching and counseling young children I've learned first hand how important a support system can be. In addition I spent three painful years with my loving mother who recently passed away and a close friend has MS. I am honored to be a Ta-Da! board member and see it as a great opportunity to be part of the encouragement and support people with exceptional challenges need. This is truly a unique opportunity."

Eve Kripke, Secretary

After many years Eve has returned to Chicago and is now a new Chicago resident. She has a successful work history of school counseling and psychotherapy. Eve is organized, quick thinking and creative. Eve states, "In my work I encountered many folks with stressful crises in their lives. Often there were congratulatory moments when, had I known, we could have shouted "TA-DA!. Now, serving on the board of Ta-Da! International gives me a different kind of opportunity to help people in crisis. To provide them with the necessary support through both the funds raised and the knowledge that people who care recognize and celebrate their little victories."

Carolyn Martinez

"When I met Velva, in the summer of 2005, we hit it off immediately. How could you not? Velva is that kind of person. She told me of her experience of sharing the time that she could with her ill daughter Moira Ann and how they celebrated Moira's little victories. I had a flashback. I remembered how long my mother was ill and how I helped my father. My father and I both became heart broken caretakers and appreciated every little good thing that happened to mom. But what is even more heart shattering is when your child is ill and may pass on before you. It made me think, " What if my only son was ill and would pass on before me?" I would want to share and experience as much as I possibly could with him as if everyday was the last day and be able to provide any last wishes. It made me realize it was an awesome idea - an organization that can help both the caretaker and the person with the illness. With my extensive background in both business and public sectors I wanted to share and contribute the support, encouragement and resources that I have been blessed with to help Ta-Da! International grow."