Do you know someone with an exceptional challenge?

If your first response is "no" then think about it a minute. To date, we cannot find anyone who does not know someone with an exceptional challenge. Most people know more than one person, often many. Ta-Da! International is designed just for them and for those that care for them. You may ask, "So why recognize and celebrate them?"

Because little victory stories are the glue that keeps those with exceptional challenges going. They represent encouragement, support, and hope. All those wonderful things that keep us all going. The problem is that most people, people without exceptional challenges, forget that and take those things for granted.

Little victory stories come in all shapes and sizes. There are no rules. What one person doesn't recognize as a little victory another does. If only we could all go to bed every night grateful for our little victories! What a collective big victory that could be!

We'd like to ask you to think one moment more about someone in your life with an exceptional challenge and contact him or her soon. I bet they have a little victory story to tell you. If so, please ask them to anonymously share it with us.

If they do that would be a little victory for you too!