The Ta-Da! Lady is a symbolic figure. She represents five areas of human needs. Needs that we all have at one time or another. These needs, when met, help us keep going through exceptional challenges, whatever those may be. The types of challenges when overcome, we want to celebrate and share with our loved ones. So in that spirit and due to her virtual nature, the Ta-Da! Lady never sleeps. She is there for you at all times, ready to celebrate your very special and unique little victories. As a symbol she represents the best of humanity; Celebration, Nurturing, Security, Support, and Strength.

Celebration. With her arms and head thrown back The Ta-Da! Lady joyously expresses all the little victories of life, those little victories that most people take for granted.

Nurturing. From the front you see the Ta-Da! Lady as a maternal figure, ready to embrace those who need nurturing, comfort and compassion.

Security. The Ta-Da! Lady's legs and feet are thick and substantial. You just know she will not tip over or teeter uncertainly. She is firmly planted on the ground, so in this sense she represents Security.

Support. Now imagine turning the Ta-Da! Lady around. See her arms as arms of a chair and her broad backside as a seat. You see that between her surrounding arms, her strong feet and her broad backside she will easily support you.

Strength. The Ta-Da! Lady is made of bronze. Bronze is a mixture of other metals so the Ta-Da! Lady symbolizes the blending of elements or cultures. She is stronger than steel.

All of us need Celebration, Nurturing, Security, Support and Strength at one time or another. Think of a time you needed one or all of these things and how that felt to you. If you're comfortable please share your story with us. All little victory stories will be held sacred and confidential.


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Artist Slawek Murawski created the Ta-Da! Lady. She was purchased as a gift for Moira Ann to to help her celebrate her little victories. Moira Ann passed away before receiving the Ta-Da! Lady so she has become a symbol of celebration and inspiration in her memory.